Cat Among the Pigeons

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Unpleasant things are going on in an exclusive school for girls - things like murder...Late one night, two teachers investigate a mysterious flashing light in the sports pavilion, while the rest of the school sleeps. There, among the lacrosse sticks, they stumble upon the body of the unpopular games mistress - shot through the heart from point blank range.The school is thrown into chaos when the `cat' strikes again. Unfortunately, schoolgirl Julia Upjohn knows too much. In particular, she knows that without Hercule Poirot's help, she will be the next victim...
Cat Among the Pigeons is one of my favorite of Agatha Christie's delightful tales. I have the Bantam Books edition, which is a beautiful book . Published 1 month ago Cat Among the Pigeons Image
AUTHOR Agatha Christie
FILENAME Cat Among the Pigeons.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 10 Jul 2017

Cat Among the Pigeons (Cat Royal, #2) by Julia Golding

Cat Among the Pigeons, takes place at the Meadowbank school in London. The time period is the early 1900s. The major conflict in the book is when one of Meadowbank¿s teachers is found shot to death in the gym locker room.

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Cat Among the Pigeons is a 1959 mystery novel by Agatha Christie, featuring detective Hercule Poirot. At the start of the summer term at Meadowbank School for Girls, a prestigious prep school in England, there is no reason for Miss Bulstrode, the popular but aging headmistress, to believe that the ...



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