Subantarctic Wilderness : Macquarie Island

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Many people form a strong connection with wild and remote places. Macquarie Island is such a place. Halfway between Australia and Antarctica, this tiny speck of land in the middle of the Southern Ocean is one of the most remote landmasses on Earth. An Australian World Heritage Area, the island is geologically unique and the plants that live there are found in very few other parts of the world. It is also home to a fantastic and diverse array of wildlife. During the summer months, penguins, seals, albatrosses and other petrels come ashore in vast numbers.For the first 100 years following its accidental discovery in 1810, the humans living there heavily exploited the island and its natural wildlife resources. In 1933, the natural value of the island was recognized and it was declared a wildlife sanctuary. Since 1948, it has also been the site of a permanently populated research station. Today, the island is again a subantarctic wildlife haven.Beautifully illustrated by the photography of Aleks Terauds and the artwork of Fiona Stewart, this book covers all the aspects of Macquarie Island from its rich history to life on the island today, the geology and the plants and, of course, the wildlife that lives there.
A tiny speck of land caught between Australia and Antarctica, Macquarie Island is as remote and rugged as it is beautiful. Despite its small size, for huge numbers of seals, penguins, and albatrosses this raw, elemental landscape is a sanctuary, while for humans it has long been a base for the exploitation of wildlife and for intrepid adventurers. Subantarctic Wilderness : Macquarie Island Image
AUTHOR Aleks Terauds
FILENAME Subantarctic Wilderness : Macquarie Island.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 01 Nov 2009

Macquarie and the New Zealand Subantarctic Islands

Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand as well as for Australia's Macquarie Island. Home to fauna of an incredible diversity, including some endemic species, the islands are

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